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Thread: Advice for system II

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    Advice for system II

    Hello, this my first post after lurking around for a couple of months.
    I would like some advice on finding the best product for my needs.
    My info:
    What I own: myself and my family about 10 GM products, 1 Honda, all post 96, 1 non-compliant (I think) Duramax.
    My automotive skills: excellent, a very good grasp of electronic fuel injection, I have helped some shops cure the "unsolveable". Plenty of OBDI&II experience. Mostly using Snap-on scanners.
    My computer skills: average, no programming skills.
    I have a old IBM laptop about 6yrs old, WIN 98SE, non 2.0 usb, but I could get a cardbus kit to get me there.

    I like the autoenginuity, but if it's a proprietary piece of hardware, it limits the posibilities down the road. Also this would require a 2.0 usb upgrade right now, which adds to cost.

    I like the Digimoto, but no enhanced, which I would greatly like to add at a later date. If so, can you give me a ballpark date? Also my WIN98 may not be useable after 4.03.

    I did have plans to get the Proscan, but thank heavens for the internet, found this site and read all the negatives about them.

    The OBD2 All-In-One unit from Tuner tools sounds like a good buy, but again no mention of enhanced. The same for OBDpros.

    Well, there you have it, go easy on me.
    I do look forward from any responses from Joel and Paul. You guys are in the forefront of this technology, and it helps to get advice from people in the "know".
    Thanks, Floyd.

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    There are a lot of OBDII options, both software and hardware based that exist. I'm going to list the websites and software applications I myself have purchased and/or would purchase if I were looking for a solution. This list is also composed only of manufacturers of the software or harware themselves, not the resellers. You can buy direct from any of the sites listed below.

    If I had to group up the hardware that was out there, the more popular solutions available today, I would place ELM at #1 (although I do not think it is the greatest interface, it is one of the most, if not the most popular ~ one of the cheapest solutions available). Secondly, you have your ELM emulated devices. Devices that were developed to act like ELM, but do not necessarily run with the real ELM chips, often offering a faster interface in exchange. Next you have other open devices such as the mOByDic and Mongoose (supports the J2534 standard) ~ these devices run much faster and in the Mongoose's case, costing a premium for the hardware, but like the ELM have various software support. Finally you have what I would refer to as proprietery or locked devices. These devices are not as well known because they are usually tied to one specific type of software, such as the ones you would find in AutoTap or AutoEnginuity. The packages are usually a little pricier and you are stuck with what you buy, but the packages, imo are usually a little better and offer more enhanced functionality then you would find in the general market.

    (in alphabetical order)

    ELM based interfaces (the real chips):

    ELM Emulators:

    ELM Supported Software:

    mOByDic Hardware:

    mOByDic Software:

    Mongoose Hardware (J2534):

    J2534 Supported Software:

    Joel's Top Package Picks:

    Further OBDII Information (definitely worth the read):

    Other OBDII websites:

    If you stick to the list I think you will be satisfied with the results, regardless of which direction you decide to go. I have talked with the owners/developers of every site I have listed ~ some I know better then others, but I am confident each seller here would offer you a good product and provide good support to follow up with on the sale.

    It is also worth mentioning that StreetDeck also has OBDII support if you are looking for a media solution and a side order of OBDII.

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