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Thread: Mazdaspeed6 hardware setup

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    Mazdaspeed6 hardware setup

    I am new to the car pc world and have most of the hardware that I need for my ideal setup except for OBD-II hardware. I know that "A cable is plugged into the OBD-II J1962 connector and connected to AutoTap or another scan tool" from reading the FAQ, but what exactly do I need to be able to use Centrafuse's front-end OBD-II capability? Thank you for your help.

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    Centrafuse native OBD II dashboard will not work with autotap since autotap uses a proprietary format.

    The OBDPro scantool works under centrafuse since it uses an ELM327 compatible command set. Other ELM327 based scantools will also work with centrafuse such as the OBD2allinone and the ELMScan.

    So all you need is to order one of the above mentioned scantool since it comes with everything needed to work with centrafuse.


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