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Thread: I bought this and it doesn't work...

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    Question I bought this and it doesn't work...

    I bought this cable from a person on eBay in Hong Kong....

    I'm trying to connect it to a 2001 Opel Astra with an EOBD port. I've tried Digimoto and PMCScan, but neither is connecting to the car using this cable. Does anyone have any suggestions....

    .... Please?

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    What you have is just the OBD II cable you still need the interface to translate the OBD commands to something that the computer can understand.

    We sell a device along with the cables that is compatible with Digimoto & PCMScan software see

    There are other interfaces that would work also such as the mobydic, elmscan, obd2allinone and many more.


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    After some investigation I have found out that this is so.

    I thought I had got a bargain. Oh well nevermind

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    Check out these ELM single protocol interfaces on eBay:

    That's about as bargain as you can find.

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