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Thread: Digimoto Bluetooth device and software working great

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    Thumbs up Digimoto Bluetooth device and software working great

    I am new to OBD and I could have not picked a better software. I did my research before I bought it. I knew I wanted bluetooth because I hate messing with all those cables.

    I bet you are wondering why I am taking the time to post this! (Does he own stock in the company?)

    When I was doing my research I found a lot of people complaining about the software they bought. Since I found a great software with outstanding customer support, I wanted to take the time to post a positive comment about an OBD II software.

    I have not tried every software on the market. I bought two brands and the Digimoto is by far the best. I will be selling the other on ebay. I am very happy with my decision to go with Digimoto.

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    does the bluetooth version update faster than 2.5 sec?

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    You will see about the same rate you see on our regular mOByDic packages right now (on average about 17-18 updates a second) on non CAN based vehicles and well over a 100 updates a second on CAN vehicles. Check your inbox as well, I replied to your PM.

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    I am very pleased with the Digitmoto beta version 5 software, compared to version 4. I'm excited to get the official release.
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    i cant even get it to work even if i did want to buy it...
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