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    Is there a way to pull up the OBD codes without a scanner on a 1998 ford windstar 3.8 SEL. Iw as told turning on and off the key three times will do it?
    Otherwise what scanner do you recommned?

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    I am not sure if you can read codes by turning the ignition on & off, but ifyou need to read codes with a scantool the cheapest would be to go down to the local murrays and they will loan you one that will be able to read codes from the windstar.

    There are pwm only scantools on the market for around $ 50

    But the problem is that if you buy a new car most likely you will need to get a new scantool as the new car would most likely have a different protocol.

    We sell a multiprotocol scantool that's only $ 35.00 more and will handle any vehicle 1996 or newer and will give you the obd codes, see



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