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Thread: Looking for advice with Arizona Heat

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    Smile Looking for advice with Arizona Heat

    Alright everyone, haven't posted in a while and really need some advice. I live in Arizona in the east valley where we have high heat temperatures in the summer. Now i just wanted some advice from other people in arizona, how they did it and how its working out for them. I was kinda wondering, what the coldest place of the car would be for me to mount it at. The summer is pretty much over so i can't really tell now. I have a 2003 civic that i would like to integrate one in. I was thinking of using this motherboard:

    looks pretty serious it says it can handle to run at temperatures up to 176 F which is pretty good. Not sure if it would suffice, i hear the temp in cars can get up to 200, not sure if thats true though.

    And i would also like to know if solid state drives suffice better for heat or hard drives, and if there would be a good videocard for this heat as well. I plan on having it setup for intense gaming probobly a videocard with 256 mb ram.

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    most of us here have more of a problem with cold than heat-- i know i have read other posts form members in the arizona area, and i think i remember reading something form someone in africa--all have stated that they dont really have many problems due to heat. so its usually isn't too much of a issue.

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    I would say as long as you have a good flow of moving air then you should be good. Although solid state or a ruggedized drive may be ideal. My eeepc survived the major dog days (105+) of the AZ heat driving up to Sedona...and my A/C was broke. My EEEPC I had mounted under my passenger seat.
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    DevilRocks I used to live in EL Paso, temp on the highways is comprable to Phoenix, (I lived in Phoenix for a year). I installed my first car p.c. there. I did have to add a fan to the case. Yet it was more a saftey thing that actual problem. To tell you the truth the monitor needed cooling more than the computer. I say make sure both have good air flow even if it means puting a couple of 40mm fans in to move the air. Otherwise I think your safe.
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