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Thread: lilliput doesn't like the cold

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    lilliput doesn't like the cold

    Hello, I live in North Carolina, It has been a little chilly and my double din lilliput 701 is having trouble in the cold weather.

    The screen flashes white when power goes on and then blank. I have to wait for the car to warm a bit then power cycle. When its working correctly there is no white screen displayed.

    Has anybody else experienced this? Remedies?

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of

    Move to Florida. (But then you may start to experience heat issues)

    Maybe be like a bird a fly south for the winter

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    Colder where I am, no issues, but I don't have the exact same model. In either case nothing feasible can be done save waiting.
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    I had a similar issue with the original xenarc 701tsv some 7-8 years ago which was backlit ccfl. It would glow white and or pink until the cabin temperature warmed up. I ended up switching to an led xenarc and never had an issue since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne613 View Post
    Colder where I am, no issues, but I don't have the exact same model. In either case nothing feasible can be done save waiting.
    Same here. We had a 18 degree morning a few weeks ago (which was an all time cold record btw) and my Lilliput started up fine. I used to have problems with my 3.5 drive but I went with the 2.5" Seagate hybrid and that boots up in the cold no problem.
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