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Thread: Consensus on PC placement?

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    Consensus on PC placement?

    From reading these forums, it looks like the preferred install area for the PC is in the trunk. Wouldn't it be better to install inside the car because of climate control??? I live in Texas where it could get anywhere from 20F to 106F. Would it be better to install in the trunk? Why? Thoughts?

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    Trunk is a good location for several reasons.

    1. Safety
    2. If you have amps or other devices
    3. plenty of room to work
    4. hard to steal what you cant see
    5. wires are not exposed
    6. Never had an issue with heat or cold.
    7. Plenty of room for expansion.

    I think it really ends up being what you drive. The carputer for my protege is in the trunk while the carputer in the 350z is in the cabin in a cubby hole behind the passenger seat. That box is very small but has no issues as well.
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    It's all relative. I have a Jeep... the "trunk" is the most accessible and weathered spot in the vehicle. Originally I had it mounted under the driver's seat (and still would if the top didn't leak so badly).
    If you have some serious bump in the trunk, you may want to avoid putting a pc back there too...
    The trunk does make a nice option though for getting it out of the way and having it secure (for most vehicles).
    Some things to think about would be:
    -Power Cycling (if manual power cycling is needed)
    -Optical Media (if you want to do a CD/DVD player)
    -Cable lengths (for video and USB)

    On the other side of the "argument", a dash would heat up a lot too if you do an "all-in-one", and it would be pretty cramped for cabling and air flow.

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    I had mine in the center console, then in the back of the seat. Finally my install got so big it ended up in the trunk, which is also apart of the cabin since I drive an SUV. Its just easier to do maintenance when its in the back. I plan on making a partition so the car pc is in its own area.
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    i tend to agree with what has been said--and my carpc is currently installed under the passenger seat.

    at first, it makes no difference(because in most cases,your taking apart a large portion of the car to run all the wires), but later on, updates/hardware changes take it's toll-- when you have to remove car parts to get to the carpc, it becomes much more of a hassle to do anything..

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    I live in Florida (same type of heat you experience), and I have no problems with my carpc being in the trunk of my car. I prefer putting it in the trunk, because that's where my amps are, and it's also a great place to put power and ground distribution blocks to power everything.
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