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Thread: Resin not mixed enough, now what?

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    Resin not mixed enough, now what?

    I started a fb job yesterday. I didn't mix the resin/hardener enough apparently, so it isn't curing well. I even upped the temps in my garage to around 23 C. Some spots have cured, but most spots are still wet. Would it be possible to mix up another batch with more hardener (thoroughly this time) and put it over what I have already, or should I rip it out and start over again?

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    If you have some suitable thinners you can thin down some hardned and stipple it into the wet spots with a stiff brush.
    You will struggle to get it right through though unless you have a vacuum pump and you can bag it up..
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    wash the old stuff off with acetone and start again is my vote. You will never get it right by trying to add hardener to it now.
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    yeah i ended up ripping it out and starting fresh.

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    when i'v ehad that problem, assuming it's not too bad, you can just add a few more soak up the resin and add a bigger hardener portion or you can put a heater up to the fiberglass, i'm not sure what the best solution WOULD have been depending on the situation but that is my 0.02

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