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Thread: 03-06 Accord, lower dash install

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    03-06 Accord, lower dash install

    So this is my accord install, using the stock cubby hole with overhead door:
    (edit: see attached)

    And the door still closes:
    (edit: see attached)

    That's a super 7" lcd, with the control buttons moved up to the top edge, and the entire rear and sides of the super's case cut away (you can't see that part here).

    This took way more work than it looks. I would definitely not recommend trying it. The hardest part was trying to get the 7" super lcd circuit board to fit between the two arms of the rotating overhead door.

    In fact, I ended up trying to rework the super's video plug, and melted it. Then i had to splice in my own cable and solder it directly to the super's circuit board. That seemed to work, except I somehow managed to short several wires together on the circuit board. Bottom line, i need a new super circuit board (or I need to sell the functioning lcd, touch, and custom housing). Given how often the super's crap out... anybody have a spare working board around?
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    where's the picture?!?

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    relink those pics man

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    Okay, since I seem to be incapable of working the photos, my flickr directory is
    here. Photos should be accessible there.

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    You make it? Or you bought it?

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