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    Custome Jobby

    Hello all!

    i want to do the 2nd installation on this website:

    could some one tell me what that green material they used is????
    and also how did they 1 min have a clock then mould a shape to fit the screen??????? how was that done?!?!?!??!

    Thank you all!!

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    "1 min have a clock"?

    Looks like some sort of fiberglass/bondo paste. How was what part done? Looks like they made a cardboard template of the screen, started building out to the shape that they wanted and then started sanding.

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    looks like kitty hair

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    It's fiberglass reinforced bondo, it has alot of names like kitty hair or marglass. It is stronger than regular bondo. They set the screen where they wanted it in the opening and looks like they used cardboard to build a template from the screen to the dash. Then covered the cardboard with marglass, sanded and smoothed. Not that hard once you learn a little about fiberglassing.

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