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Thread: Moving from 1996 Bronco to 05 F150

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    Cool Moving from 1996 Bronco to 05 F150

    A few years ago, I installed a CarPC in my 1996 Ford Broco (Full Sized). I went all out, and did a custom install. I ripped out the stereo and relocated the environmental controls to allow the indash installation.

    I was also able to build my subwoofer into the side panel in the rear, and mount the amp in the side panel on the other side.

    This allowed for an installation that was very close to a factory look.

    Now I have a 2005 Ford F150 Quad Cab. I want to put my CarPC in it, but the installation is a bit more problematic. In this truck, I am not willing to start ripping out components to give it that "factory" look. I can route the audio from the PC to the aux input on the factory receiver, and then take the unamplified output from that to run into my amp's. I can also mount the MB Quart speakers in the door panels without much work. The problem is the touch screen and the subwoofer.

    I can't seem to find a good solution for mounting the touchscreen without it looking downright tacky. I was looking at vehicle laptop mounts, but none of them seemed right.

    I am also looking for solutions for the sub mounting. The only way I can think of to mount it without it being visible is under the front seats.

    Anyways, I am just looking for any ideas for thie new installation.

    Lilliput 8" (not using anymore)
    Litton Mobile Vu 10" (good visibility, really heavy)
    M10000 C3 1Ghz
    -512MB RAM
    -120GB 3.5" HDD
    -DVD-RW Slot Load Drive
    -Netgear 802.11B PCI Adapter
    Opus DC-DC Converter

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    Newbie looking to do the same install in Bronco

    Looking to do the same install in Bronco any advice. Newbie to carputers. But vast experience with computers. have friend that is car audio installer so I'll get him to help.

    Where did you move the AC controls to

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    I believe that you will have to make something. Possibly relocate the climate controls in the f-150. There should be plenty of room to do so in the dash of that truck. Mold the screen into the dash and it should look good.


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