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Thread: help! what am i doing wrong?

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    help! what am i doing wrong?

    hey guys,

    Im trying to make a bezel for my ford falcon (aussie car) and i've been sanding and sanding and some more sanding. but no matter what i do i keep getting holes and things in the paint...
    take a look at this picture.

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    what should i do?

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    Spot Putty. Sand. Prime. Repeat as necessary.

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    hi, well the good news is that its not a train smash can i assume that you used an epoxy type product to make this? if you did... then i can help... i was also having MAJOR issues regarding holes and non smooth surfaces... then after alot of sanding... sore hands... and $$$ wasted on more epoxy... i figured out a few things:

    1. Epoxy is good for some things, but not for others. i used it to make a faceplate... which wasnt too big so it came out looking quite nice. but then i made a LCD dash mount and then the nightmare started... holes... holes... more holes... the holes come from tiny airbubbles trapped in the epoxy when mixing the two parts together. the holes only become vissable once you start sanding... so the next step... put more epoxy into the hols to close them up... bad idea, unless its a major section that you are filling... its going to be a nightmare to smooth it all out again and not get a lip. there is a much easier and cheeper way to fill gaps or holes after the epoxy base frame has been made which leads me to my second point...

    2.Body filler and spot putty... these two items will save you ALOT of $$ and time and dry just as quick as fast set epoxy. but the major advantage to these items are... they are REALLY easy to sand and shape and if sandpapered right... finish SO SMOOTH you will never hav known they were there.

    3. Sand papering is by far the most important part of the project.... what you want to do is use a really rought paper to shape things... 80grit should be fine. then smoother paper to smoothen out surfaces. then here is a trick i picked up from a friend who has been doing this sort of thing for 30+ years... take some dishwashing liquid, the smoothest sandpaper you can find... 420 grit... or smoother... put some dishwashing liquid on the sand paper... put some water on it... then smooth sand your entire project... this process will get rid of ALL the sanding lines you may have made while sanding... your surface wont get any smoother than this. wipe it down with some paint thinners(not terps) to get it oil free and ready for paint.

    4. Paint time... use three layers of thin primer, i used grey. and then two layers of your color paint, i used matt black, i didnt want the shiny finish.

    so to conclude my mini essay... sand your ENTIRE project so that NO paint is left on it... use body filler to smooth out that lipout (put it ontop and sand it smooth) and then use spot putty to fill the gaps... sand smooth... paint... and you should be ready to go... i hope you dont mind... but iv edited your pic... the red circle is where you need to put your body filler... and the blue ones are where your spot putty needs to go.

    btw, body filler can be bought from your nearest hardware shop

    hope this helped good luck. keep us posted. if you need any more help then post some pics and ill do all i can to help

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    thanx heaps for the very helpful reply. i'll give it a go and report back on how i went..


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    Another option is to use texture paint. It helps hidding lots of imperfection like the one below.
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