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Thread: fiberglass wear and tear?

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    fiberglass wear and tear?

    hey all..

    I have to do a little bit of fiberglass stuff to mold my screen into the dash, but i have one question. Does the constant heating and cooling (in extremely hot summer days and freezing cold winter days) of the interior of the car cause damage to the fiberglass mold and cause it to crack and fall apart?

    Somoene earlier today told me that when i pitched them my idea of using fiberglass matt and some epoxy to mold my screen into the dash.. I had never thought of the possilbility. So anyone with expierience had any such effects? How long do your molds generally last? 2 years? 3? 4?
    I wish i knew how to do fiberglass work...

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    Quote Originally Posted by theheel View Post
    How long do your molds generally last? 2 years? 3? 4?

    My fiberglass is 33 years old and so far so good. The engine is surrounded with fiberglass, inner fenders and firewalls and they are probably as good today as they were 33 years ago. If fiberglass cracked and fell apart from heat and cold all I would have is a frame, engine, and some wheels.

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    I'm not sure about the longevity of fiberglass body panels, but the area where you might run into a problem is where you have your bezel glassed into a plastic panel. The plastic and fiberglass/filler will expand and contract differently and over time I guess a crack could develop. I'm not sure how long it would take, but I'm pretty sure it would take several years.

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    well, here's the way you solve that: don't bond dissimilar materials. as jschulze said the different expansion rates will eventually cause cracking or at the very least, warpage. If you want to make your bezel out of fiberglass, then make a pattern with your current dash piece with all your modifications, and then take a mold from it using either fiberglass or silicone (silicone is far easier IMO) and then create the whole entire piece out of fiberglass.
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