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Thread: Need Help with Enclosure in GX 470

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    possibly the 4runner. (they are the same vehicle right? or is this the land cruiser, i thought that was the LX)
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    The metra kit will help with mounting, but will it solve my problem of having a 9 x 5 opening and and 7 x 4 radio?

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    All metra kits make it so you can install either a single din or a double din radio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giantshark18 View Post
    The metra kit will help with mounting, but will it solve my problem of having a 9 x 5 opening and and 7 x 4 radio?
    That is the whole point. Do you even know what a Metra kit is? It takes weird funky shapes and makes them normal din sized.
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    Lexus GX-470 radio kit

    I have the same truck, I just bought a kit on e bay, last time I look this is the i tem # 110396421575. The kit works perfectly and very beautifil, I think it will work with any double din radio. Good luck

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