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Thread: My MK3 Console Install, check it

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    My MK3 Console Install, check it

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    Looks good. One question, though... Can you look at the screen and work it while driving? I have a 1996 Jetta and I am thinking about the same set up, but it seems a too low to use it while driving.

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    MK4 knob = teh HOT. Thats where my screen is going, but I'm a super terrible procrastinator and am still 60% done lol. I'm mainly using mine for music and possibly navigation (voice probably). When I plan on using it, I'm just going to have a bunch of playlists so I don't have to be looking at the screen all the time. To me, it seems like the best, most OEM spot for the screen, and its easy to cover up with a hat or something so thieves don't see it. I have seen people who moved their HVAC controls to where the ashtray is, but thats a rolal PITA for me, I can't get the cables in the right spot lol. Search for VW golf and check out some guy who put a 10.?" where his HVAC controls are, it looks SIICCCKK, but not my style.

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    My radio is in a positiong like that in my car and I noticed this morning that the stick shift partially blocks the radio when it is in the forward position, so I wouldn't want to put my screen there. So basically, the same question. How easy is it to use?

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    KK, shifter blocks it in 3rd and 5th..... you shouldn't be cruising in 3rd, and 5th its out of the way for the driver. I'm using it MAINLY for longer trips, I drive highway to school every day for 45 mins and in 5th gear I have no problem. I have Sirius radio as well so I use that in the city and such. I like where Im putting it because it IS out of the way a bit, so it reminds me to keep my eyes on the road. For music and such, I wouldn't see any problems with it. Maybe if you wanted to watch video, but.... lol.

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