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Thread: Dash Fabrication - Need quick tip...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaloRESE15" View Post
    as good as that looks, you realize body filler and plastic doesn't go well with each other. plastic contracts and expands while the body filler does not. You have increased chances of cracks and pops.

    hopefully that doesn't happen, but for future reference its a good thought to know.
    Heh, and I went out of my way to prevent using too much Bondo to prevent cracking. Purposely used plastic and epoxy for structural elements and then filled with Bondo and Putty. Argh. Oh well, we'll see how long it lasts.

    So what do you normally use?

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    well on my first dash fab, i used Duramix 4040 to structure the screen housing in place, then i used Rage gold (filler) for the skin coat. After a couple months i could see a crack starting to happen.

    if you look in my video near the end right around 51 seconds left you can see it

    Im redoing the dash soon since i am rebuilding the carputer. I will be switching from a lilli 619(fried now) to a xenarc w/ video inputs. I will use the 4040 to hold screen in place then use 4058 for the skin coat and sand my *** off then on

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