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Thread: Custom Fiberglass Box Clone

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyracer View Post
    for chopped strand mat, it all depends on the complexity of your shape, the thicker (read heavier) the mat, the harder it is to contour, but you will need less layers to get to the thickness you desire, whereas the thinner (lighter) mat will contour well, but you'll need more to get the thickness.
    can i use both the ligh to form the back them reenforce it with the thicker one , how many layers should i do with the thin one befor it is safe to remoce the mold?

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    almost every single question you have or may have has been asked and answered before.

    You can use both light and heavy mats, the end thickness should be around 1/2" or thicker. The box when done and cured should be strong enough to stand on.

    For making the mold, usually 2-3 layers is acceptable before removing the mold from the vehicle.

    For how much to order, measure the length and width in ft., and multiply by 1.25, then multiply this by the total number of layers. This will be the minimum that you would need to get to make the box, get a little more than this, and you'll be fine. On the website they have a link that shows how to calculate how much resin you will need. It will seem like a lot, but you will need a lot. As a beginner, I'd also recommend getting the roller that they sell too, it will help get the bubbles out. (Bubbles are trouble in fiberglass boxes.)

    Hope this helps more. And BTW you don't need to quote the previous thread if that's what you are replying to, quoting threads helps when the quote is from a few posts back... Just trying to conserve...
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    Thanks will post pics if i ever finish.

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    do you want to give us a couple of pix to se how you are going.
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    I have not had time to compile a list of things i need jl audio sais it need to be 5/8th of an inch to handle my sub how much mat, resin, is that.

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    Depends on how thick the chopmat you get is like Monkey said. i would probably practice on something small building it up first to see what you get. It may turn out that you will start on it and find out you need more, so just be ready. just looking at the size you will need at least 1 gallon of resin.

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