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Thread: First time, Enclosure/console 1989 chevy silv.

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    looks good, did you double check the volume to make sure it's right? and how thick would you say the FG ended up being? You may be able to add some layers to make it thicker (maybe on the inside?) to get it just that much stiffer. I'd say it's the volume most likely. To test, fill a box that has the right dimensions with packing peanuts (or something like that) and then pour it into the box, if it overflows, it's too small, if it fills to the top, then it's too small unless you invert your sub, if it's got a lot of space, it's too big. A lot of people fill it with polyfil to "trick" the sub into a larger volume.

    Also, how do you like the cupholders? I just ordered a pair myself, and want to make sure they will hold a fast food 32 oz (large) cup, and a 21 oz (regular) cup well...

    I would have probably done it in red carpet, something that matches the rest of the interior.

    Otherwise, it looks great!
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    Thanks guys, i just drove around and it doesn't sound that bad, i think i had the gain to far up. It seems fine now, i did 3 to 4 layers of fiberglass cloth and its pretty sturdy. I made it as close as i could to my old box so im sure the inside dimensions are fine. As for the cup holders i love them! I've never had cup holders in my truck before so its nice to have a place to put stuff. As for the black carpet the trucks in the middle of a serious overhaul and ill be painting a lot of the interior black. I just got these seats for my truck too so i think it'll blend in nicely.

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    I'd suggest a little more fg on it if you only did 3-4, there's going to be a lot of pressure on it, and you don't wanna do this over I'm going to guess

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