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Thread: WORKLOG: Motorized Screen

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    Nice job. On a side note, their Rovio Wifi bot is kickass.
    Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluem6 View Post
    Hi there, I am trying to follow your tut. but how did you manage to mount the actuator inside the car? The only way I can see doing that is more cutting inside the car where the vents/plastic are??
    unfortunately, that's what had to be done.
    Mazda 6 Carputer {NEW ALBUM AVAILABLE FOR FREE!!!}

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    yo Skeurton, I'm really leaning towards the mazda 6 for my first car, heading off to college soon... and I've done a bunch of research... I'm already experienced w/ building computers, but this map pocket motorization is awesome, and yea i read the 4U2NV thread on it too, but i think i'm really going to need your help with this. I've been trying to visualize it but i cant do it w/o the car in front of me lol. So would you be able to answer some questions once I start working on it?

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