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Thread: Help me fit a screen in my dash

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    You might even be able to find a user on this forum in your area that would be willing to help you out for a lot less then what a shop would charge you. I know guys in my area always are willing to work on peoples car's rather then have them go through the shop because they keep 100% of the money and dont have to charge for overhead costs and such!
    My purpose in life... to do everything the wifey says too... or atleast thats what she tells me :P

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    custom shop or DIY.
    you pick
    if you like to try the DIY.
    experiment until you think you can do it.
    I started with Fiberglass
    sprayed old release on dollar store plastic bowls till i got it right.

    now i could make a boat if i wanted...welll maybe not a whole boat

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