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Thread: Suggestions for mounting Lilliput EBY-701 in 2002 Camry

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    Suggestions for mounting Lilliput EBY-701 in 2002 Camry

    Ok I have a new car, a 2002 Toyota Camry... Now i am wanting to install my touchscreen in the car... (i had a motorised in-dash screen in my corolla (a DWW-700M) but the LCD panel died in it and i want to go for more the factory look this time..)

    This is where i am wanting to mount it...

    And this is where i'll probably mount the headunit (after fabricating a single DIN holder for it)

    I have both a new surround for the Air vents (for if i need to mould it in) and also for a new insert for in front of the gear stick (for the same reason)

    Ok the problem is the screen is not a nice easy fit... its too high and too narrow...
    The hole is 200mm wide by 100mm high
    And the Lilliput EBY-701 is 169 x 114 x 33mm

    The actual screen itself is less than 100mm high so it will be fine for the hole...

    Now I have been thinking it might be a good idea to either tilt the screen down (so it can be seen better by all passengers (inc driver ) or recessing the screen in, so that it doesn't have the sun on it as much/so it doesn't reflect the sun or do both, recess and tilt down...

    Any hints, ideas or tips on how to go about this? Has anyone else done this to their 5th Generation Camry (ie same dash as mine)???

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    Something like I did to the Y2K Accord
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    drop it in..infront of the shifter.

    you hand is allways there anyway right!'

    less light then you can arrange quick touch buttons in a skin!!
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    In front of the shifter is where I put my screen in my Maxima. As kazzxtrismus said, your hand is usually there anyway. With screen gestures setup, you don't even really need to look at it while driving to change the song or go to the next album or playlist.

    (another) 2004 Nissan Maxima install

    I think it would look good in front of the shifter in your Camry. Of course... I also think it would look good up top too. Depends on which location *you* would prefer and how much work is involved (and you're willing to go through) to mount it there.

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    Reason I'd prefer to have it up top, is because i want to use it for GPS, so it'd be much easier to see up top... and also when i want to watch movies in the car (with passengers in the rear, they won't see it when its down the bottom)

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