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Thread: Lilliput in 06+ 350z cubby?

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    Lilliput in 06+ 350z cubby?

    Hello there,

    I've searched around on this site as well as looking for someone that's installed a Lilliput touch screen into an 06+ 350z cubby. All I have found is an install into the head unit space.

    I have a Pioneer Avic-D3 that replaced my factory cd player, but would like to add the Lilliput 7" touch screen in the cubby space. I would be using it for a carpc as well as an additional out for my D3. I know the factory oem navi kit can be purchased but there is no lid on it, and I want something a little more stealth. I also know from what I've read that the new cubby's are a lot smaller and a lot harder to work with.

    Has anyone done this successfully without swapping for an older center console? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    do you have any pics?I dont know what the new interior looks like at all
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    What is the part # for the little cubby. I saw on a nissan website and it shows that they sell it seperate for navigation and non-navigation. Doesn't the non-navigation one have the lid on it?

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