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Thread: Equivalent Products in Canada?

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    Equivalent Products in Canada?


    I live in Vancouver, BC and I was wondering if somebody could help me find equivalent products, locally, to the following:

    Epoxy Putty -

    I managed to find this at home depot. Will it do the same job as the one from that thread?

    I am also looking for a place to get rage gold from as used in the same link. Or a suitable alternative.

    Last time I mounted an LCD into my center console it was painfully obvious where the plastic of the center console stopped and the bondo filler started.

    Could rage gold solve this problem?

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    If it asks you for a postal code and doesn't link to the product, search for 40-8463-4
    I find that that one doesn't stick to plastics very well tho

    Also, these guys will likely have more variety.

    The Epoxy resin you linked to on the Home Depot site won't work... you mash the putty together and work it like clay, but you have to work fairly quickly. Then once it has dried (30 min) you can sand it smooth or to the shape you want.

    I would recommend wearing a mask and doing the sanding outside.

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    Thank You, I never thought about going to industrial paint and plastics. The company I work for orders parts from them all the time.

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    canadian body shop supply places will have the same or equivalent products here.
    -some chemistries are not allowed in canada
    -some are here under different names (duplicolour was motomaster paint for years)
    -some do not work well in our climate (most of this stuff is not icluded with this statement but it is true with some items)
    -some just are not interested in the hassle of the tiny canadian market.
    -some are just lazy
    -some have a canadian distributor...(who is a slacker)

    either way there are a hundred different ways and places...but final sanding with a filler primer and enough prep work and you could hide a corpse in a plastic dash.
    06 Altima..SER front bumper.
    CAR PC.....soon to be true!!
    Oshawa Canada!!

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