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Thread: anybody do much with custom 3D printing?

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    anybody do much with custom 3D printing?

    I need to fashion a bezel for a touchscreen and am thinking about using one of the 3D printing services. I don't need to do any fancy contour work, just a basic shell for the touchscreen with button holes and screwholes for the DIN mounting.

    Anybody tried this yet? How'd it work out?

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    I dont think anybody here has tried it for the bezel, as it is too much money for something that can be done easiliy with a bit of patience.

    The actual print though is durable and strong like regular plastic. You will see the linear gradients in the finished product though so you will probably have to sand/primer/paint it once you receive it.

    If you do it, you have to let us know how it turns out!
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    thats how i made the GTI bezel... the piece that gets made is actual ABS plastic. for the GTI bezel it cost about $250 to get one printed.
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    This one? The accompanying article talks about bondo... Did you just print the frame and then use bondo for fit and finish?

    $250 sounds perfectly reasonable for what I'm looking to do--a box frame with some holes.

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    some guy with an 05 civic (i think it was 05) did that. turned out looking very OEM... then again, he had also managed to get the actual Honda CAD model to work from. Some people are just all kinds of hooked up around here...


    nevermind... '04. Here is the link
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    When I was fabricating my bezel for my Honda Element, the first one I made was done using STL file and 3D printing. The finish was a little rough but I had made it a little oversized so that it could be sanded down to final size. I used a local university to get the work done. They already had a build planned and just added mine to the same job. They did it for free.

    Ultimately, I ended up using a machine shop to have the bezel machined out of a block of Aluminum. They used the same files but the finish was excellant.

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