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Thread: Body Filler For Kick Panels?

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    Body Filler For Kick Panels?

    Well, I wanted to make a kick panel on my W201 but have never done any custom fabricatin before. Because of this, I decided to do a test run using some body filler since I had some sitting around from some body work I was doing.

    Well, the first coat went on very well and I am actually amazed with how well it has gone. So well that I really would like to continue this from more than just a test run. I'd like to go all the way and finish the project.

    My question is if body filler will be strong enough for a kick panel. I am actually replicating this:

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    If you're replicating that, then it's not a kick pannel. That's part of your door, not the kick pannel. If you're actually building INTO the KICK in the car, then yes, body filler is long as you use something strong as a base first. Fiberglass, etc.

    Body filler is NOT structural. It's used to smooth areas out and to give a nice finish.
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