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Thread: Remote Mounting an Alpine IVA-205 Faceplate????

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    Remote Mounting an Alpine IVA-205 Faceplate????

    I have 97 BMW 328is. I really want to install a double din headunit in my dash, however, due to the HVAC being in the way behind the dash, the car will only allow for a single din setup. There is room for a double LCD screen on the dash, its the depth of the double din unit that creates the problem.

    I am looking to get the Alpine IVA-W205.

    Before anyone suggests it, no, I do not want a flip out unit, and I'd rather not get the Alpine VehicleHub Pro and TME-M740BT. While it is similar to the W205, I believe the W205's interface is much much better.

    With that being said, the way I see it, I have two options...

    I can either modify the existing heater/ac box behind the dash and "make room" for the double din, or I can relocate the "brain" to the glovebox and keep the screen in the dash.

    Is remote mounting the face of the W205 even possible? The face is connected to the main unit by a ribbon cable. My hope was that I could replace the original ribbon cable with a longer one to facilitate the relocation.

    Is this possible and has anyone ever done it? I've seen remote mounting of single din headunits, but never double dins.

    Any advice or suggestions?


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    The w205 uses a 50pin ribbon connector. Alpine has 22cm long extension service cables that have a male connection on one end and a female on the other. Part number 01E34831S01.

    So with that information, I called Alpine Tech Support this morning...they said it can't be done.

    I was told that if I wanted to detach the monitor, it could be placed no more than six inches away from the main unit. I find this interesting, because the ribbon cable extension (genuine Alpine part) that I mentioned earlier is just under 9 inches long (22cm). They said the power signal would not be strong enough over several feet of extension. I suppose this is understandable.

    Ultimately, I was hoping that using a cable such as this one would make this all possible:

    Obviously I don't need 5ft, but you get the idea.

    Anyone with any technical experience know how far a signal can be carried over a ribbon cable? I'm sure Alpine Tech Support knows what they're talking about... but then again, a small part of me is thinking that there has to be a way to pull this off.

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    Contact Jeremy aka jc2 of JK labs fame. If anyone can do it he can.

    He can be found at where he is in charge of the Electrical section or at
    2005 Altima 3.5SE
    I have a long signature in car audio forums but it means jack here.

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    Thanks, I sent him a message.

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    Can't you do the vent mod and get it in there? I know a ton of the E46 guys do that. Not sire if it'll work on yours, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

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