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Thread: New guy to forum: the start of my first car pc

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    You people make me SICK!!!!

    (truth is I totally envy your talents. Great job)
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinuxRacr View Post
    This is one of the sickest SC300's I have ever seen! Nice carputer setup you have there. You have given me ideas for my next screen application, as I am tired of the fold-out Xenarc 700IDT I have. Are you having your auto tranny built by Lentech?
    Actually Im sending the valve body and torque converter to

    Quote Originally Posted by danielkh View Post
    I wish I was just CLOSE to that good at fabricating.
    Very VERY nice!
    Thanks alot, I guess years of building models as a kid paid off !

    Quote Originally Posted by blk02si View Post
    Its only going to get better with a new .063" aluminum chassis Lindy hired me to fabricate.

    We worked on this design in AutoCAD to come up with a simple, modular chassis to fit his requirements. I really like this design and will most likley produce more of them in the standard 7" DIN size. This one is a custom size since the Lexus has a 2.5 DIN. The modular style of the chassis also helps with the shipping since the parts can be disassembled and shipped flat. I also like the fact you can remove 2 screws and the top or bottom will flip down to access the mounted PCB hardware.

    I did not mount the middle shelf since I am not sure if your going to use it, and/or what its position will be. Don't want stray holes all over this hot build.
    YIPPY !

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    The case is here and the fun has begun !
    I just mounted the mobo on nylon spacers.

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    Love the reflective photograph. Looks like you put some wax on those panels
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    Updated installed pictures.

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    Man, this is still sick!!
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    Modified magazine April 2009 issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindyM View Post
    Car: 1992 Lexus SC300

    MOBO Epia Mini-itx MI 10000 w/ 1ghz cpu
    Wireless/bluetooth PCI
    1GB DDR2 Ram
    PS M3-ATX
    16GB Compact Flash Card SSD
    8GB Compact Flash Card Media Storage
    IDE-CF Adapter
    Lilliput 7" Touchscreen
    slot notebook dvd drive with usb adapter

    iGuidance 4

    Updates on page 2
    I have a m10000 mobo, and DDR2 ram doesn't fit in mine...So I'm stuck using a 512mb DDR chip until I can get a 1gig DDR chip even though I have a spare 1gig DDR2 chip. How did you get a DDR2 chip to fit in yours...or is this a misprint??????
    Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)

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