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Thread: plastic injection

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    Question plastic injection

    Hi, has anyone ever contacted one of these professional injection-moulding services. Just wondered what sort of a price they might want for a one off bezel.

    I only have a double DIN opening that is just about enough to put in my 7" Lilliput. However, I have to tilt it. So fabing this one up is really complicated for me. I have attempted it many times using all sorts of methods with no success

    a company i had in mind is

    Any advice would be great

    Best regards

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    I worked in injection molding a long time ago. Unless things have changed immensely, it's far too expensive to consider for a one-off process. You'd probably be better off to look at something like Alumilite epoxy molding to produce your own. It's an exceptional product; interesting to work with and pretty fast. It's far from cheap, but my bet is that it's way, way less expensive than a custom mold.

    If you use Alumilite, you'll still wind up with a mold, but it would be reusable in case anyone with a similar vehicle falls in love with your product and wants a similar bezel. That would help reduce your cost.

    I'm using plastic welding (and other finishing processes) for my bezel, but I'll seriously consider duplicating it in Alumilite if others builders show me there's a market out there.

    Another option is to have someone custom-build a bezel for you. Check out the work from guys like Turbocad6 and Nexson in threads here.
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    hi, thanks for the speedy reply. i think id b better off getting someone else to make it. im useless at that sort of thing.iv had the screen in my car now for about 2 years. and still havnt made a bezel. its just to complicated for me lol

    i think ill put some pictures up on here and alittle cad drawing. i thorght the one off would be expensive.

    Best regards

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    heres some images

    heres some pictures of my lilliput and my old head unit. the height of the lili is just less than the height of the head unit. but you cant resess the lili because theres only about half an inch and then the spaceis reduced to the size of a double Din opening.

    so i cando three things. have a new fasure made that adds onto the shape on the old H.U. sp that the lil becomes tilted up. or get rid of the buttons and have the same effect but smaller. or remake the entire housing and have the lili flush and the lil mobo layed flat inside the din.

    does anyone have any sujections. iv made paper moulds of them both. but have no idea how to about making full moulds that show where you can screw into ect

    Best Regards

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    well i looked for a bit on google, that radio's from a chevy aveo/ suzuki? whatever it's from just buy the aftermarket double-din radio installation kit for it, mount the screen to that. a one off is better produced with a cast urethane mold or machined out, either way your still talking 600 bucks

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    That's the same radio as the Astra Sport, is that what you have? Found a thread online about a double DIN fascia:

    You could take something like that and fab the monitor into it, probably a much easier starting point than what you've tried before.... ?
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    thanks for the referal rdholtz..

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