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Thread: Large in dash monitor without using Fiberglass? Help.

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    Large in dash monitor without using Fiberglass? Help.

    Hi all. I have currently begun my carputer install in my H2 Hummer. My original idea was to use the stock radio and leave it in its location while using the new Alpine Imprint PXE-H650 to do processing and allow for my Mac mini to do the media storage. Unfortunately splicing into the factory 10 speaker bose sound system is pretty much imposssible since Alpine gives such a crap shoot instruction manual and assumes that you don't have any rear speakers of which I have 4. The touch screen and or screens were going to be placed overhead the passenger and driver since there is a lot of space for a 7" there with a custom overhead console. I am still considering this.

    But since I have a 17 inch home monitor with a touch screen overlay I am also considering modifying the dash. The dash panel that holds the Onstar, radio and climate controls comes off rather easily and needs to widened in order to accomidate the 17 inch screen. The Onstar, and climate controls would need to be put somewhere else and I would probably buy another OEM dash piece in case I totally ruin this one. Unfortunately it seems to me that a lot of people that take on these projects are running into problems with the fiberglassing and never getting it to look right. I believe Turbocad did a right up on using some plastic stuff in order to make a factory looking bezel. I will read it again, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else is looking into modifying there dash without using fiberglass since they may not have access to industrial type products that do the job right. Although I imagine the plastic material in Turbos right up isn't all that accessible either.

    Making the overhead console would be way easier and more practical in that the screens will be out of the sun, but I thought I would ask anyways since I really don't want to buy any more screens at the moment and just try to use this one even though it is rather large. Thanks in advance, any insight is much appreciated.

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    The only real question I can see here is:

    Quote Originally Posted by zaytser View Post
    ... but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else is looking into modifying there dash without using fiberglass since they may not have access to industrial type products that do the job right. Although I imagine the plastic material in Turbos right up isn't all that accessible either.
    and my answer is yes, I am. To elaborbate just a bit more:

    I've been doing a lot of plastic welding and using products like dynatron lately. It takes some practice. And while you cant find that type of specialized 3M product at say Wal-mart, HD, or Lowe's, it should be available at the local body shop supply store or online, (keep in mind the body shop supply store is not that Autozone or Pep-boys around the corner, you may have to ask around if you can't find one, I did. I can say with confidence that Turbocad's how-to'ish threads are great and cover all you should need to know to get started. Just don't expect perfection on your first try. I produced a few abortions, and I'm hoping this next baby actually gets delivered. Maybe start with a smaller (less waste) project first to get a feel for it. After all of this practice though, I have to say I probably won't even consider doing a fiberglass-on-plastic dash mod from here on out. Fiberglass has it's place though.

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    Yah I hear you. I actually just thought that maybe if I really needed to have this big screen for my install the best corse of action may be to use mdf and make a frame similar to the dash piece. I would probably have to round and sand the edges, maybe ever use some filler here and there, and then using another oem dash piece I would cut off the funny looking giant air vents and add them to the MDF dash frame and then just wrap it in leather. I think that trying to do bodywork and then painting is just way out of my league. I wish I would have taken an interest in welding and bodywork and shop more in highschool instead of trying to be a professional athlete. Oh well, I will hum and ha over this for a bit, but I think maybe the dynatron and fiberglass is a pipe dream right now. Thanks for the input though as it drives home what I was thinking in the back of my head all along.

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    I am also doing a custom install, but I am adding two 7" inch screens to the top of the dash. I wanted use fiber glass, but at first i wanted to create the frame that the screen will go into.... Im going to use plastic i have but i was wondering what the learing curb is for making the plastic and creating a solid frame. What tools do i use?
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    plastic learning curb
    I would say about 2 or 3 times but every plastic is different.
    now tools
    ya need a good welder-try we have some
    also try ebay or just google it.(plastic welder or kayak plastic welder)
    you'll also need welding rod.
    You need to know what type of plastic your working with.Usually on the back side of the part it will be marked.

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