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Thread: Looking For Ideas

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    Looking For Ideas

    I'm fairly new here, but so far I'm in shock and awe over the sheer talent that the members of this forum have. I'm hoping to borrow a little of that creativity and come up with some ideas for the following little problem.

    I want to somehow recess this:

    into this:

    (The small panel currently has a passenger side airbag status light and just pops out with a screwdriver, with a mostly-empty cavity underneath. I don't care if I lose the airbag light.)

    There are a couple of wrinkles. First is the cable that comes out the left side (visible in the first photograph); I'd like to hide that as much as possible. Second is the small on/off switch that's located on the top edge of the control unit:

    If it weren't for these two "features" it would be a simple matter of cutting a slot in the panel and mounting the control unit flush. Yes, I could simply stick it on top of the panel using double-sided tape, but I'm hoping to find a slicker (and stealthier) solution.

    BTW, the actual size of the control unit is extremely tiny - just 2" wide by 5/8" tall by 3/8" thick. It will fit into the removable panel in the enter console with no trouble.

    Any ideas?

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    How about disconnecting the switch, mounting the unit flush, and placing a switch elsewhere on the plate?
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    Look through some of the threads about hacking the LCD bezels into the dash... Apply the same concept. Split the case on that control, and use some form of ABS adhesion to mount it to the car piece, and then fill it and paint it. As rdholtz stated, moved the on/off switch.
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