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Thread: Fabrication work by fabworks Many Pics

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    Fabrication work by fabworks Many Pics

    I have been doing fabrication work for quite a while now. I have received many good tips from the great fabricators on this forum and from a friend as well. With every piece that I make, I only get better and better. I’ll be adding more pics as I gather more from my files.

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    Wow, nice work! Check out my profile and let me know if you ever need any 3D printing or mechanical design done... maybe we can work together on a job in the future?



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    nice work... some of those looked way easier than others, but they all had nice finished results.

    Why blur the license plate in the forester in all but the last pic? What really can someone do with a license plate number anyways?
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    You would be surprise how the ones that look the easiest created the more pain.

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    very nice worki man!, you do alot of car pc monitor installs!
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    Thanks man, got adviced from the best

    Yeah, I get a lot of people wanting just the CarPC monitor

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    wow great work!!!!

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