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Thread: Questions on Fabrication

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    Questions on Fabrication

    Alright so I've never done this stuff before, and I've got a few quick questions, which probly wont take long for an answer...

    So I understand u make a wood frame, usually, and cover it in fabric and put the matte over it and that right? so I wanted to know.... for subwoofer enclosures:

    1. do you want the subwoofers to be completely boxed in? no holes at all other than the hole the sub goes in? (and one for wires, which you fill in after)

    2. If so, how do you fabricate the bottom of your enclosure and that?

    3. To paint the fiberglass enclosure I was thinking of airbrushing it, so I was wondering where to get a decent airbrush kit.

    Thanx for the help guys

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