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Thread: MK3 VW Golf

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    MK3 VW Golf

    Hello all!

    First post in this forum.........although I've been registered for ages!

    I've been collecting parts for my Carputer for the last year now, and am finally at the stage where I can start installing everything into my 1995 VW Golf VR6.

    The components I have are as follows:

    PC: Compaq Presario 2550 Laptop with 512Mb Ram and 60 Gig HDD, WiFi & Blutooth
    Screen: 7" Lilliput Touchscreen VGA Monitor
    GPS: GlobalSat BR355 Sirfstar III
    Front End: Probably RR
    Power Supply: Non Inverted - 12V to 9V 120W Adaptor

    So I basically have all I need to get it up and running, apart from an amp to power the speakers & sub, but that should be pretty straight forward.

    Has anyone fabricated/butchered the dash of a MK3 golf/jetta/vento and installed a 7" monitor in there before? I've had a search, but can't find much. I want to move the heater controls and window/fog switches down about 2" and install the monitor where the DIN slot was, just below the vents.

    Any help with regards to this transformation would be most appreciated!

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    Just to give you an idea of what I'm faced with:

    As you can see, the stereo sits where the top half of the screen will be. I want to remove the ash tray and lighter, and shunt everything down about 2 or 3 inches. Trouble is, as it's an older car, the dash isn't very "modular", and I'll have to cut through the faux leather that separates the heater controls from the stereo. How would I be able to mimic the texture once I've cut through it? I've got a feeling that the "leather" is a film stuck onto the dash, so I guess I could peel it back a bit first and then cut the dash out, then stick the film back down around the cut area.

    I think i'll start a work log...........!

    So no-one has ever done this to a MK3 before then? I've seen the crazy install a guy did with an 11" screen, but that's a bit too much for me!

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    Can't see the pics....

    I'm just starting one on a MK3.

    Think I'll fabricate the screen in the empty space infront of the gear shift.

    BTW, a really nice mof for the MK3 is going and buying an aftermarket gear knob and then taking yours off, and pipe cutting the gear shift down about 2-3 inches. I've done it. SO MUCH BETTER! Looks awesome and gets in gear better.

    Check out my car at

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