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Thread: Create a Fold down arm rest in a bench seat?

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    Question Create a Fold down arm rest in a bench seat?

    I have 91 GMC Sonoma regular cab with a bench seat. I've been reworking everything to make it as I see fit and would really enjoy having a fold down arm rest. Is there any way to create a fold down arm rest in a bench seat? Or is there another seat that I could replace this with? This is my first time working with the seats of a vehicle. I'm not afraid to replace the bench with buckets if I had guidance in how to do so... Any help would be appreciated.

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    If you pull the carpet up, you'll probably find the seat mounts for buckets are already installed in your floor. There would be no change in the seat belt mounts. It's only a matter of taking a trip to your local boneyards and finding seats that fit.

    See if the Boneyard guys can look up the seats in the Hollander interchange manual; I can't remember if seats are included in the manual, but the salvage folks can likely provide guidance. Sometimes you can identify the years of seats that fit, and then go get them for yourself at a U-Pick yard.
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