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Thread: Cadillac Escalade Bezel Mold In, Nexations Creations, Pics.

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    I'm very happy with for the person I cant see it really. Looks normal to me. I believe its the photo...

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    oh one thing forgot to ask...when i put this thing back on.....should I not let it flex at all...i don't want to crack it.

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    Nexson, as usual another master piece. To ZaC851, don't you hate that they build the bezel as one massive piece? My bezel is the same exact way, but the way it was designed it has to flex and you have to use force to get it back on. Nexson also did my bezel and I have not had any cracks at all. Use force but not a whole lot of force.

    Nexson, I have new idea floating around in my head, so I will need your services soon.... Can you post in this thread and leave your input. You will of course be finishing this idea up, but I want to create a mounting system like last time. Help me design my truck. Ideas needed!. Keep up the excellent work though.
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