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Thread: What product to use

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    By all means, if you need any tips along the way, just ask any questions here or PM me
    Brian @Nexations Creations

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    TexasAggie, is your 04 the new body style or the old body style (like the 03's)? I can't help you any though, I was just wondering.
    2004 F150 STX Heritage:
    ASUS E35M1-I Fusion AMD 1.6GHz DC ~$114
    Patriot 32GB SSD ~$80
    Kingston 4GB ~$25
    1/2" MDF - ~$15
    10" Samsung touch panel - ~270
    M2 Power Supply $85
    GPS Receiver ~ $36
    iGuidance ~100

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    New Body style! Currently im trying to figure out how the im gonna make it so the actual screen doesnt fall out of the dash. Ill create a worklog here soon and take lots of pics since I really will need all the help I can get!

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