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Thread: Maybe a silly question..

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    Maybe a silly question..

    When making a custom dash or sub enclosure or any FG project, I think I'm fairly comfortable in the actual procedure and what not but the only thing I can't for the life of me figure out is...

    HOW DO YOU SECURE THE ACTUAL ITEM (DVD DRIVE, USB FEMALE, SCREENS, TOGGLE SWITCHES, ETC) TO THE HOUSING. Sub enclosures seems obvious, maybe I'm wrong but don't you just screw the sub to the mdf ring that helps create the shape?

    Any assistance would help.. I'm extremely interested in installing a CarPC in my 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab. If anyone has any suggestions or great ideas on screen/sub/pc location please please please let me know.

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    Look through the "Show off your project" and "worklog" sections for ideas on NBS GM's. As for fastening, that's always a trick... Some of the bezels actually get molded in, and others have provisions to be clamped in, some are snapped in... As for subs/drivers, I prefer small bolts and T-nuts, rather than screws.
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