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Thread: 1.5 Din Bolt In ITX Chassis, FORD

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    1.5 Din Bolt In ITX Chassis, FORD

    I though I would share a recent chassis that I built for Archy88 from these forums. Since I get a lot of requests and questions about 1.5 DIN applications here is a good functional design that Archy88 made in Google SketchUp. It holds any ITX board, Opus Power supply, and 2 - 2.5" Drives, In this case 2 SSD's are populating the mount holes. I've been working with 2U server cases lately and I took note on the use of 6-32 flush mount screws. I decided to counter sink the screws on the side as to not interfere with the factory trim kit. Looks awesome and is very strong. I used a UNI bit to countersink the aluminum.

    I'm including the 2D plans to build this for those that have 1.5. If you want the 3D file PM Archy, it is his work.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing this full of hardware

    Its in your hands now Archy.
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    Boy that looks beautiful! I just pray my measurements are accurate! lol. For anyone considering a custom case, contact Joe!! He was a pleasure to work with and has a wealth of knowledge!
    Here is a link to my WIP for those interested. My 3D work may not be the cleanest, but I am more than willing to help out if anyone has questions!

    I cannot wait for UPS/USPS to get here!!!

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