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Thread: roller tracks for monitor?

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    trader make sure you take lots of pics! Looking forward to hearing how this turns out for you.

    Are they going to make the LCD slide out too far though? I would want the LCD to basically end up being just in front of the stereo, for my setup though.

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    well, no. because... well there are a few ways of doing this. easiest and least intrusive way for the monitor would be to screw the end of the track (about 2" back) right into the side of the casing, about the middle of the vertical height of the screen. then just mount the tracks to the dash and the end result would be the screen coming out just far enough to flip down, the only weird part would be the 2" of track that would be sticking out on the sides of the screen because the screen is tilted down and doesn't line up with the plane of the casing anymore.

    this could be just fine for me, it wouldn't look that bad especially if i powdercoated the tracks glossy black. the problem is, the case of the screen is already too wide to fit in a normal din chassis, and i don't even have much room to hack out of my dash on the sides of the radio opening to allow the tracks to be there.

    so another option is to build third rails inside the case of the screen. there IS enough room to do that apparently (i just took it apart), and the end result would be how a lot of tool boxes work. the normal track slides out first, then the third rails inside allow the end of the track to slide back toward the top of the screen. once at the end, there will be enough clearance for the screen to rotate down (and likely have have a little keystone in the end so it hooks into a good position. this wouldnt be fully adjustable on the rotation like the first option could be, yet the viewing angles of the screen make it a non-issue really) After you fully extend this setup and rotate the screen into position, you would then push the first set of slides back until the whole thing meets close to the dash, or wherever you want it. this means forward and back adjustable, which is pretty cool.

    im just trying to lay all these ideas out in case anyone can think of better. i wish i was good a drawing because i would better describe what im trying to say... this kind of stuff i normally just go at it and figure as i go along.

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    screw all that noise.

    i took a walk out to the truck and started eyeballin some stuff. i noticed two things. you can cut the sliders on these tracks, and they have resistance when you slide the bearing mounts around. basically, what i found out is these tracks far, FAR exceed what i thought i was getting. these things are so perfect in size and they way they operate im a little in disbelief.

    it just all came together as soon as i held it in there. i could literally make a kit out of this plan for others to buy. a simple half-din sized cage, with these tracks cut to the right length bonded to the sides inside of the cage, and have a universal strap on each side of the monitor that would hook to the track at the top. the straps would just wrap around the face and back of the screen, on the sides, so it would hold well without any modification to the screen at all. no worries about warranty. i could sell the whole kit that would allow many lcd screens to be 'manually slot loaded' for less then $50 shipped...

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