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Thread: tutorial anywhere for how to mold a screen in-dash?

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    tutorial anywhere for how to mold a screen in-dash?

    i want to know where i can find a tutorial ... of how to molder a screen to my there any?

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    This really is a per item subject, Its rare that two people will use the same model with the same car. Will happen but not enough to make a tutorial.

    If you have a look at what other people have done then it will give you ideas, But its more of a trial and error.. One thing tho i have found to be your best friend is Selleys Plasti-Bond

    This stuff can easily deal with the temp changes in places like Australia.
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    search for nexxus's posts he does great work, and documents it perfectly as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Injector View Post
    search for nexxus's posts he does great work, and documents it perfectly as well
    Also try reading up on This Link, Turbocad also does excellent work and provides quite a neat step-by-step with pictures. He provides an alternative to bondo with his methods. May give you some ideas if you havent already looked at it. Good Luck
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