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Thread: 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Install...

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    1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Install...

    Hey everyone,

    We had a car pc installed in our Trailblazer, but we had to remove it and I'm contemplating installing it in my jeep...

    Here's the issue: (1.5DIN)

    I don't want to cover the vents since I live in Hotlanta and the poor thing struggles enough to keep the cabin reasonable during the summers . We have a 7" (EBY701 or 629GL regardless buttons on the side) Lilliput -- can I mod that to fit into a 1.5DIN? And do you guys think it's possible to put the current radio below the ashtray or where the ashtray is? Any other ideas?

    (random note I don't think the area behind the AC controls is deep enough for the head unit)

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    I just did a 7" lilliput install in my Wrangler which is 1.5 din. I had to trim a bit but, I didnt have to move the vents. Take a look at the pictures.

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