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Thread: Plastic Sources

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    Quote Originally Posted by thekl0wn View Post
    Just so we're clear, I meant that the selection of fittings in PE is vast... However, not at HD/L/M's... We actually don't have a local source for the fuseable joints, and have to order them.
    I'll still check it out. And I'll look around on the Web, too. I appreciate the tip.
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    Just a quick update on one source of HDPE... I checked into the piping that dad uses, and it's a true virgin HDPE and we have a lot of the scrap that gets discarded daily. If anyone is in need of a high grade HDPE, simply send me a PM and I'll get you however much you need at the cost to ship it. Most of the 2" and below pipe is around 1/8", but the larger diameters we sometime use gets up into a full 1/4 of thickness and more.
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