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Thread: Double din vs 1.5 din in a 98 GMC Savana.

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    Double din vs 1.5 din in a 98 GMC Savana.

    I have a 1998 GMC Savana conversion van I was hoping to put an in dash carputer in. I have the Lilliput 7" touchscreen here.

    I was confused as to how exactly this monitor fits into a 1.5 din dash. I believe my dash is 1.5 din. I took some measurements and the dimensions closely match that of a 1.5 din slot, but they more closely match a double din slot.

    Do people generally take the casing off the LCD screen and just put that in the din casing, or do they put the entire monitor in there?|39%3A1

    That is not my van, but it looks almost exactly like it. Would I be able to just attatch the bare LCD to the din casing and slide it in like that, or do I need to do any modding (drilling, dremeling, cutting, etc)?
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    it is a 1.5 din opening. you can really go either way with it-- either make the monitor fit in a 1 din(there is a thread about slot loading any screen), and use a aftermarket radio mounting kit, or you can fab something up to have the monitor sit in front of the old radio.

    but there are no simple solutions to getting a 7" non-motorized screen in a 1.5 din opening.

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