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Thread: Nexon...need some advice, PIC included.

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    Out of those guns, I would get this one

    I have about the same size gun as that but it is a little bit "better".

    The finished product with a gun will look the same as the car. However the catch is that it is ALOT harder to work with clear coat out of a gun then it is out of a rattle can. There are various problems you will have with clear coat if the surface is not prepped correctly. Also there are many other variables such as gun adjustment and air pressure that play an even bigger part in how your clear lays down. Being that the gun is small and would only require about 29 psi, it should work well with any compressor bigger then 15 gallons.

    This is not meant to scare you but to give you an honest opinion. If you are willing top spend the $ for clear coat and paint, then definitely go for it! Revert back to this thread during your project for questions along the way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexson View Post
    Out of those guns, I would get this one

    I have about the same size gun as that but it is a little bit "better".
    We have quite a few of those exact guns in the shop. (different tip sizes) They've worked out well for us spraying everything from wood stain to auto finish. In all honesty the two more expensive, non-HF, guns aren't very much different than the el cheapo HF guns we have.
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    Those guns rock. I painted my first car with one of those earlier this summer.

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