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Thread: 2005 Pathfinder

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    2005 Pathfinder

    So i got a eby701 and i have to mount it in my 2005 pathfinder. Now i thought this was going to be easy as i thought it was double din. I ordered the plate from Thought i was going to just mount and run but no luck. I bought the metra kit that bybyte told me to get. Thoughts on how to mount this. It seems they want me to glue the bezel from metra kit to the bybyte bezel???

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    Maybe you could post some pics of the mounting area and all the different parts? I used a lilli 629and the bybyte kit and it mostly just bolted up(I had to make my dash bezel opening a little taller though).

    For referance, I have a 01 mitsubishi eclipse with a double din radio opening.

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