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Thread: Dual VGA mini-ITX case 12x7.5x2.5 inch

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    Dual VGA mini-ITX case 12x7.5x2.5 inch

    This is the case I modified for my Foxconn D51S based PC. I've held an ATI Radeon 9000 dual VGA PCI board in place high and parallel with the MB. I'm waiting for ribbon PCI riser to arrive before carving the holes. The airflow across the case looks better than many I've seen.

    A pair of external 50mm fans can be mounted on the power supply end to pull air through the case. I plan to seal off the openings that were the front panel. I may add a low heat shield between the M2-ATX and the MB. I don't want to wall off the PSU from air flow.
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