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Thread: $500 Reward !!! Case 2 Din Motorized

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    $500 Reward !!! Case 2 Din Motorized

    Hello everyone,
    I wanted you all to make a case for motorized two din production CarPC.

    I am in contact with several motherboard manufacturers, such as Portwell, Quanmax, Tpole and Commell to supply motherboards Core2 Duo 2.26
    GHz, as they are in contact with Creative X-Fi cards PCIe 7.1 and with producers of LCD Touchscreen ...

    Below we carry the product that currently exists on market, the enclosure of ByByte while you can see a near enclosure take as an example for the final production.

    It therefore requires a 3D CAD drawing using standard products (as Solidworks), since then the drawing will be sent to production molds.

    Obviously, the 3D design will be customized according to the accommodation HardWare we're going to enter.

    $ 500 reward for that work ...

    Thank you.


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    what are you looking for it to do? just rotate horizontally and back again? any plans on having it tuck away all together? (As in to hide when the car is park so it is less likely to be stolen...)

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