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Thread: Any fabricators/workshops in UK available?

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    Any fabricators/workshops in UK available?

    Hi guys,

    Just starting my first CarPC install. Its going ok, but stuck on the facia side of things.

    Am absolutely useless and cack-handed when it comes to finishings like fibreglass!

    I have the face plate and the lilliput screen and an idea of what i would like.

    So is there anyone out there who is experienced in making OEM looking dash LCD set ups in the UK, who wants to earn a bit of dosh??

    I have a 2004 Ford Focus and a 7" Lilliput touch screen.

    If you could PM me or leave a message below if you want more info that would be fab!



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    Nice thanks for the tip! Will let you know how it goes!

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    Im not far from you in Brighton and i'm doing the same into a 2002 ST170.
    I got quoted by Huets in Brighton 200 - 400 depending on how complicated it would end up being. So in the end i've fixed the screen in place to save them the time and my money
    Just need them to make it look factory now
    I've made a bracket up that holds the top of the screen and then cut small groove in the bottom to hold the bottom of the screen.

    Oh btw also i am not using the outside cover of the lilliput i just removed the internals.

    Here is what i have so far

    Out of interest callum where is the PC its self going?


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