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Thread: Forget the screen, how's you're [pc location] install look?

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    Forget the screen, how's you're [pc location] install look?

    I want to see what you guys have done for where you have put your pc to show it off, at shows or just for yourself and friends! I'm not talking about where its completely hidden out of sight. I want to get some new ideas for my next trunk install. Let's see em. Here's my tiny install for now.

    Here it is with the flooring off, built into the spare tire

    And you can sort of see it here, with the flooring on, only the lid and window show out from the flooring.

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    Very clean install. Nice and discreet.

    What case is that?

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    Very cool topic, I have mine under the driver's seat, not much to show for. I have something like that for the Sequoia, but it would be too big (large width) to use it just for the carputer. I could use some ideas from posters here.

    If you want to show off your trunk I think you really could use a couple of LCDs displaying what the computer is doing (one for the driver's and another for the passengers zone perhaps). The bigger the better. Is it really easy to remove the spare, or you could lose it? You could use that room for more stuff and it would be lighter.

    Cool wheels, I just don't dig smoked/tinted lights, but that's me. Also liked the door handles, nice touch.

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